Pinewood derby axle slot width

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The Pro-Body Tool is a drilling guide to assist in drilling pilot holes in pinewood derby axle slots, or drilling new axle holes. We offer a tool for BSA-sized holes and a tool for Awana-sized holes.

Axle Slots or Holes: The official BSA Pinewood Derby block comes with axle slots that are cut into the wood with a saw. Some Cub Scout pack rules require you to use these original slots. Other pack rules allow you to forgo the axle slots and drill holes for the axles to slide into. Drilled axle holes help to keep all axles straight, square with the body and parallel to each other... thus making a faster car. If your rules allow you to use drilled axle holes then this is the better option. If ... Pro Body Tool - Derby Worx Manufacturer of Pinewood Derby Car Parts Body Block preparation is the foundation of a FAST Pinewood Derby Car and the Pro-Body Tool 2 is designed to accurately straighten existing axle slots or create new axle mounting holes. By using only a hand drill and the correct sized #44 drill bit provided, The Pro Body Tool 2 is easy for anyone to […] Pinewood Derby : Ken Caryl Pack 742 : GroupSpaces The intent of the Pinewood Derby is for a Cub Scout to complete and race a Pinewood Derby car starting from the kit provided by the Pack. It is realized that some adult supervision, advice and assistance may be necessary, however, the Cub Scout should do the majority of the work and have the responsibility for the car. PINEWOOD DERBY 2019 OFFICIAL RULES -

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How to Build a Pinewood Derby Car | The Art of Manliness So you might consider moving the two pre-made axle slots further towards the end of the block. If you decide to do this, make sure the new axle slots are exactly square with the side of the block or else the car alignment will be off. 6. Drill holes for the weight. Pinewood derby cars work on basic Newtonian physics.

Pinewood Pro's Pinewood Derby Axles are the only axles that have been Track Tested for speed using statistically valid experiments Pinewood Pro axles were track tested with hundreds of test runs to prove that we have the best and fastest axles.

The Funny Car Pinewood Derby Kit includes a pre-shaped car body with axle slots or holes, weight pockets, steel weight, plastic car parts, and instructions. Wheels and axles are not included, so use the wheels and axles supplied by your club or order them separately.

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Axle Placement Guide. Learn how to ensure accurate wheel spacing and axle nail alignment. Use Axle Placement Guide to install axles correctly and straightly into slots and holes and to establish proper gap between wheels and body. Pro-Body Tool II Axle Drilling Guide | Maximum Velocity

Use with axle slots or holes to correctly and straightly install axles into slots and establish proper gap between wheels and body. PineCar Precision tools are CNC machined.

Pinewood Derby BSA Speed Axle Set 60,000 grit MIRROR Finish KRYTOX Sealed See more like this BSA MODEL # 17006 drilled, easy axle install, wood block for pinewood derby car. Brand New Axle height | Pinewood Derby Online I eventually want to add a view from the front and view from the back. Another adjustment on there is the wheel offset, which I call the distance between the center of the axle hole where it intersects the plane of the side of the car body and the center of the axle where it intersects the plane of the inner rim of the tire. Pinewood Derby Body Tool Axle Jig extended wheelbase